Get to know Mando!

Name: Armando Hovey aka DJ Mando Fever

What year did you start deejaying?  1984

Why did you start deejaying?
My love for music.

What do you LOVE about Deejaying?
I love seeing a packed jumping dance floor!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Relax and spend time with family.

What advice would you give for hosting a great event?
Keep it all up beat. From music to MCing, you always have to keep the crowd engaged and dancing.

Born & raised in Los Angeles, Armando Hovey aka DJ Mando Fever had the privilege of growing up during the 80’s party scene in L.A. Through that, he was exposed to many genres of music that were coming out at that time. His general love for music steered him in all types of directions. From spinning hip hop & rnb for the Soul Train Music Awards to spinning salsa & merengue at one of L.A.’s top salsa clubs in Los Angeles, Mando has a wide selection of music from around the world. His personal mission to make people dance and feel good is something he practices from behind the turntables and in front of.

Video coming soon!