Our warm and fuzzy sound.



Compact, sleek, clean and sound amazing. 


QSC KW152 (Big Bro)

The QSC K12's bigger badder brother. 

Pioneer DDJ‑SX

Our favorite toy to mix with. 


Our shiny bright lights!

Wifly Par Qa5

Our wireless battery operated up lights. 

Chauvet Cubix 2.0

The Chauvet Cubix 2.0 is part of our dance floor lighting. 

American DJ Tri Gem Led 

The American DJ Tri Gem Led is also part of our dance floor lighting. 

Our super snazzy extras.

Our custom gobos/monograms

Your names beautifully projected on the wall, ceiling or floor. 

Dancing on a cloud!

One of our favorite extras to provide.


Screen and projector. 

Epson - Duet Ultra Portable Projection Screen - 80" Widescreen. 

Epson Home Cinema 730HD, HDMI